Nov 04

Zero Tolerance to Dishonesty in Divorce

Posted by on Wednesday 4th November 2015

Following the recent Supreme Court decision in the landmark cases of Sharland and Gohil has lead to much excitement about the effect of these two cases.

In these cases, the former wives had sought to have their divorce settlements set aside on the grounds of non-disclosure or dishonesty by their former husbands.

In a financial matrimonial case there is a duty by both parties to provide full and frank disclosure of all their assets and the Supreme Court, in granting the joint appeal of Mrs Sharland and Mrs Gohil, is sending a clear message that there should be zero tolerance in relation to non-disclosure in financial proceedings arising from the breakdown of a marriage.

The ruling in Sharland and Gahil has paved the way for financially deceitful spouses to have their cases referred back to the court which could result in a larger settlement for the deceived party, if the court would have come to a substantially different decision had it been aware of the true assets of both parties.

The message from the Supreme Court is that the Courts will not tolerate fraud or dishonesty in divorce settlements.

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